About Me “The Author”

cropped-cooper-wood1.jpgI grew up in Pennsylvania then lived in Massachusetts, NY, Wisconsin, DC, Japan (with the Navy), NY (after marriage), Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Connecticut (after my wife passed), then back to Massachusetts where my daughter and I share an apartment.

While in Colorado, I operated an apartment/motel complex near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. I then appraised residential properties and finally got to do something I really liked: cataloging books first in a medical library in Denver, then in a good public library (five years as best medium library in Florida).

I spent much time on community theatre stages in Japan and Colorado and did some TV work in Denver. I have been writing off and on for decades, attending writing workshops, and occasionally adding to a long novel.

I finally got the urge to get serious about writing, so here I am with the help of Sky High Marketing‘s Elise and Kara of Welcome, Writer. So as “the Great One” (Jackie Gleason to you young ‘uns) used to say: “Awaaay we go!”